North Texas Weather; you can still keep your yard looking great!


The weather this year in the North Texas area continues to prove that Texas maintains the “wait five minutes and the weather will change”.  In the midst of this, several clients shared a multitude of damage this year ranging from wind damage to hail damage due to the storms or line of storms that have caused issues for homeowners.  While thinking of it, and from seeing pictures of some damage, I decided it was time for our trees to be trimmed back after we lost several big branches on this last go around in the middle of the night.  Why is this important to do?  Trees and shrubs thrive once branches are trimmed back and, in general, pruning takes place.  With dry weather and water seemingly to be in constant flux with limitations, this step cleans up a property rather quickly and can create a canvas of any property within hours of the work being done.  I often get the question, “Who should I hire?”  And the answer to that usually goes back to my customer with a text of a couple of different vendors I know or have used myself with the work we have done on our home.  Sometimes it is difficult to gage how one company may engage with a possible client.  In determining that value of what is being done, speaking directly to the company or to the particular person that is performing the task sets up understanding what will be accomplished while working together on the finished service.  Asking questions, reiterating the services and valuing the work of what is offered often results in what is best for all parties.  Remember, asking is the result of what the expectation becomes and both parties win!  Let me know if I can be assistance to you or to anyone you know.